Professional Blogging on the iPad

One of the biggest criticisms of the iPad when it was released was that it was too much of a toy to indulge in consuming and not for being creative and/ or productive. However with time developers and user interface designers have developed applications that challenge this notion. These apps, such as iMovie and GarageBand, featuring user interface designs optimized for the smaller touchscreen of the iPad would prove, in a number of ways, to improve on the usability of their desktop kin. This is due to the intuitive and accessible nature of Natural User Interface designs. One way of looking at them is that natural user interface designs tend to cut-out the middle-men (usual suspects being the mouse and physical keyboards) leaving less of your actions and interactions somewhere lost in translation.

Up until now the iPad wasn’t ideal as a blogging tool as most blogging apps tended to be rudimentary. Blogsy, a professional class tool, aims to change all that. Usability is ensured by a great user interface design and the ease of drag-and-drop. Users need only worry about the content and not HTML coding as the app takes care of that. It has all the features needed to create and administer a blog including  a pop-over web browser to ensure you don’t have to leave the app at all to get your blogging done. With Blogsy iPad users no longer have to forego rich media editing as you can add and format pictures and videos with the drag of a finger. Across the user interface design. Not bad for a first iteration, despite the few bugs here and there.

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